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Management Committee (Board)

Royce McCormack (President and Chairman of the Board), Kim Norris (Vice President), Stephen Wade (Secretary), Scott Thomas (Assistant Secretary), Ross McKim (Treasurer/Financial Controller),.

Training Committee

Kim Norris (Chairman), Ross McKim, Daniel Moran, Royce McCormack (Ex. Officio)

Fixtures Appointments Committee

Daniel Moran (Chairman), Kim Norris, Rob Macqueen, Royce McCormack (Ex Officio )

Representative Appointments Committee (N.D.C.U.A. Delegates)

Ross McKim, Graeme Bruce (proxy only), Royce McCormack (Ex Officio & Alternate Delegate)

Delegate to Newcastle District Cricket Association

Kim Norris

Captains/Umpires’ Reports Review Committee (N.D.C.U.A Delegates)

Kim Norris, Royce McCormack (Ex. Officio),

Newsletter (NICK) Editor

Deepak Shah


Kim Norris – in conjunction with Jezweb

Merchandise Officer

Ross McKim

Social Activities Officer

Paul Olsen

Child Safety Officer

Stephen Wade      (Secondary Contact – Kim Norris)


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