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INTERESTED in becoming an UMPIRE?

Newcastle District Cricket Umpires Association is always ready to welcome and train new Umpires.

There is a full course available offering accreditation to enable you to umpire all formats of cricket in Newcastle District Cricket competitions.

The formats include – 2 Day matches, 1 Day matches, T20 matches. there is also a Masters Competition.

Additionally Umpires are sought by schools to stand in their games.

Umpires are remunerated for the games.

If you are interested please fill in the form on this page and our Chairman of Training, Kim Norris, will be in touch with you.

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This interview with Kim Norris was conducted at Inverell after Day 2 of the NSW Country Championships – match between Newcastle Zone and North Coastal Zone on 4th November at Varley Oval.

The Newcastle District Cricket Umpires Association Inc. (NDCUA) umpire in the Newcastle District Cricket Association (NDCA) competition since 13th October 1920.

Currently this includes 2 Day matches, 1 Day 50 over games and the T20 format.The NDCUA also provides umpires for school matches and Junior Representative fixtures.

NDCUA umpires have umpired at State and Country NSW Levels and the Association is affiliated with New South Wales Cricket & Umpires Scorers Assoc (NSWCUSA). Members have the option of also joining the Sydney Grade Umpires Association. Our History

Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month from Sept to April, starting at 7.00pm.

These meetings are held at Central Charlestown Leagues Club, Bulla Street, Charlestown

New members & registered umpires of other Associations are also always welcome to attend these monthly meetings.

As a member, if you cannot attend a meeting you are expected to forward an apology.

DIRT (Decisions In Review Time)


You are the umpire at the bowlers end in an NDCUA one day fixture 40 overs per side.

A left arm spinner bowls a legal delivery around the wicket with no run scored.

He informs you the umpire that he will change to left arm over for the next delivery. The umpire calls a front foot no ball for this delivery and no runs are scored apart from the one run for the no ball.

The umpire calls and signals a free hit.

The bowler requests that he change to around the wicket for this free hit delivery.

What is your decision to his request to bowl around the wicket?


In terms of the NDCUA Playing Conditions for One Day fixtures – Rule 8 Free Hit

“Field changes are not permitted for free hit deliveries unless there is a change of striker”

Accordingly, as the bowler is deemed to be a fielder no change to his mode of delivery is to be allowed. Accordingly the request to bowl around the wicket for the free delivery is declined and the ball is to be bowled over the wicket.


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