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The Manning Brothers Award was established as a permanent recognition of both Lance and Cyril Manning’s contributions to the NDCUA. Lance & Cyril Manning jointly have contributed more than 90 years of dedicated service to the Association and are both Life Members.

The Award is determined on the average of match points allocated from club captains’ reports on umpires for all games completed in the NDCA competition.

  • 2009/10  James Seville
  • 2010/11  Michael Connolly
  • 2011/12  Michael Connolly
  • 2012/13 Terry Collins
  • 2013/14 Royce McCormack and Kim Norris
  • 2014/15 Terry Collins
  • 2015/16 Ray Kingshott
  • 2016/17 Daniel Moran and Deepak Shah
  • 2017/18 Martin Burgman
  • 2018/19 Gary Crombie