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ALL UMPIRES must accept their responsibility and complete their availability sheets when requested by Bruce Muddle.

This season Bruce will not be chasing Umpires for their availability sheets.






The Newcastle District Cricket Umpires Association Inc. (NDCUA) umpire in the Newcastle District Cricket Association (NDCA) competition since 13th October 1920.

Currently this includes 2 Day matches, 1 Day 50 over games and the T20 format.The NDCUA also provides umpires for school matches and Junior Representative fixtures.

NDCUA umpires have umpired at State and Country NSW Levels and the Association is affiliated with New South Wales Cricket & Umpires Scorers Assoc (NSWCUSA). Members have the option of also joining the Sydney Grade Umpires Association. Our History

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month from July to April, starting at 7.00pm.

These meetings are held at Club Kotara, Cnr Park Ave and Howell St, Kotara.

New members & registered umpires of other Associations are also always welcome to attend these monthly meetings.

As a member, if you cannot attend a meeting you are expected to forward an apology.


DIRT (Decisions In Review Time)

WHAT HAPPENED? A right arm medium fast bowler in a one day NDCA game was bowling over the wicket to a left-handed striker and pitched a ball marginally outside of leg stump going further away. The bowler was in the umpire’s line of sight as the ball passed the striker; the bowler’s end umpire did not hear any noise to confirm there was any contact with bat or pad. The bowler and fieldsmen appealed for a caught behind down leg side.
DECISION: NOT OUT! The Umpire must stand where he can best see the action to make decisions. If a bowler in his follow through runs in front of the umpire he may contravene the Law ( refer Law 42.12) but will certainly block the Um-pire’s view. The Umpire must not accept that he cannot see what is happening. He should try to adjudicate as best he can by stepping or moving position, after delivery, to try and see what is going on. This of course would remove any adjudication on LBW’s, as he needs to be directly behind the stumps for such a decision. If he didn’t see it then you are unable to decision an appeal, particularly for a catch behind. But if the bowler is running in front of you then it’s a better than even chance he is running in the Protected area. In this case you would respond, despite your best efforts to attempt to see what is going on, by confirming that you were unsighted due to the bowler blocking your view.

Please note: Good Umpiring would involve telling the bowler that he is blocking your view and you may not be able to adjudicate appropriately. In this way you could assist remove any ill feeling from an appeal where you may be unsighted. The Striker’s End Umpire can only assist you with such matters as – ‘was the ball caught’ for example. You CANNOT ask the Square Leg Umpire if the batsman hit it!!!!

LAW: 3.10 plus Common sense.


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