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If you would love the best seat in the house – Then this is for you!

Newcastle District Cricket Umpires is looking for interested persons who wish to join a Progressive Umpires Association. Past Players and Officials, Male & Female are encouraged to apply.

A Full Training course will be held over the Weekend of Saturday 29th July and Sunday 30th July 2017. Venue TBA

  •  Attractive Match Fees are payable.
  • Training will be conducted by Accredited Trainers from NSWCU&SA
  • Ongoing development and support is provided with
  • Opportunities to progress to Higher Representative Levels.

If you would like to take up the challenge and become a Qualified Cricket Umpire, then we would like to hear from you.

Please register your interest by contacting:

Kim Norris – Chairman Training, NDCUA
0407 439 879

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016/17 NDCUA Awards

Alan Irons Award – Josh Scally

Bill Mewett Award – Paul Olsen

President’s Award – Kim Norris

Manning Brothers Award – Deepak Shah and Daniel Moran




The Newcastle District Cricket Umpires Association Inc. (NDCUA) umpire in the Newcastle District Cricket Association (NDCA) competition since 13th October 1920.

Currently this includes 2 Day matches, 1 Day 50 over games and the T20 format.The NDCUA also provides umpires for school matches and Junior Representative fixtures.

NDCUA umpires have umpired at State and Country NSW Levels and the Association is affiliated with New South Wales Cricket & Umpires Scorers Assoc (NSWCUSA). Members have the option of also joining the Sydney Grade Umpires Association. Our History

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month from July to April, starting at 7.00pm.

These meetings are held at Club Kotara, Cnr Park Ave and Howell St, Kotara.

New members & registered umpires of other Associations are also always welcome to attend these monthly meetings.

As a member, if you cannot attend a meeting you are expected to forward an apology.

DIRT (Decisions In Review Time)


You are the umpire at the bowlers end in an NDCUA one day fixture 50 overs per side.

A left arm spinner bowls a legal delivery around the wicket with no run scored.

He informs you the umpire that he will change to left arm over for the next delivery. The umpire calls a front foot no ball for this delivery and no runs are scored apart from the one run for the no ball.

The umpire calls and signals a free hit.

The bowler requests that he change to around the wicket for this free hit delivery.

What is your decision to his request to bowl around the wicket?


In terms of the NDCUA Playing Conditions for One Day fixtures – Rule 8 Free Hit

“Field changes are not permitted for free hit deliveries unless there is a change of striker”

Accordingly, as the bowler is deemed to be a fielder no change to his mode of delivery is to be allowed. Accordingly the request to bowl around the wicket for the free delivery is declined and the ball is to be bowled over the wicket.


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DIRT (Decisions In Review Time)    Delayed Start One (1) Day 1st Grade Fixture

 WHAT HAPPENED? With the 1st Day of a two (2) Day match washed out at Awaba Oval, the match reverted to a One (1) Day fixture on the 2nd day.

It rained several times during the week leading up to day 2.

When the umpires arrived at the ground on Day 2 they discovered the pitch was wet in several places. This resulted in a delayed start of 2 hours from the original start time. Play was due to start at 10.00am however play finally started at 12.00 noon when the umpires decided  the pitch was suitable for play.

 The Umpires were required to recalculate the total overs for the match because of the extended delay.

 The Umpires advised the Captains the innings for each team would be reduced to 42 overs while confirming play would start at 12.00 noon – In addition, the Umpires confirmed each innings is to be completed within 2hrs & 48 minutes of the commencement time. Due to time lost the Interval will be reduced to 20 minutes.  

Was the Umpires decision correct?                            

DECISION: The Umpires have advised the Captains correctly.

In an uninterrupted match, each innings is to be completed within 3 Hours & 30 minutes – i.e. 210 minutes.

Total match innings time is 420 minutes with a 30-minute interval.

 However, when a match is delayed Umpires are required to recalculate the overs and innings time as per the Playing Condition. The calculation of the number of overs to be bowled shall be based on an average rate of 15 overs per hour in the total time available for play – i.e. 4 minutes per over.  It is important to note Fractions are to be ignored in all calculations regarding number of overs.

In this match, play was delayed by 2 hours (120 minutes) with the 1st Innings finally commencing at 12.00 noon.

The NDCA playing conditions make provision for extra playing time. In this match, up to 30 minutes extra time can be allowed and added back by the Umpires to the actual playing time. The Playing Conditions also dictate that the Interval be reduced in reference to the Time Lost. In this match 120 minutes have been lost with the Interval being reduced from 30 minutes to 20 minutes. The 10 minutes saved here is to be added back also to the actual playing time.

Total additional playing time saved & added back totals 40 minutes. This resulted in a Total Match Playing Time of 340 minutes or 170 minutes per team – calculated as follows: –Total time available in a uninterrupted match =  +420 minutes. Lost time with play to start at 12.00 noon =  -120  minutes

 Total           = +300 minutes

 Added Extra Playing Time = +30    minutes

 Add saving for reduced Interval = +10    minutes

New Total         = +340   minutes divided by 4 minutes = 85 overs for the day

 85 Overs divided by 2  = 42.50 over for each Team (Note: all fractions are ignored)

 Total Recalculated overs for each Team          = 42 Overs

 Each Innings to be completed within :  2 Hours & 48 Minutes                                   

LAW: NDCA Playing Conditions for one (1) Day fixtures for 1st Grade. Refer pages 51 – 54